Count on CertainTeed Machine Works and the fully integrated Unisul line of professional-grade insulation equipment to keep you covered for the long haul. The breadth of our industry-leading machines allow you to tailor a solution that works best for your needs.

Reliably condition any type of fiberglass, mineral wool, or cellulose insulation with accuracy and efficiency.

Plus, practical nuts-and-bolts engineering means readily available replacement parts can keep you and your machine working with confidence for decades.



Trust is engineered into every machine.

The respected Unisul brand. The CertainTeed Machine Works family of products. Now fully one and the same.


Proven durability. Superior material conditioning. Excellent return on investment. Explore a versatile range of high performance blowing machines tailored to your needs.

Lightning-fast. Electric power.  Energized performance. Easily move all loosefill material types with machines that move easily for you

When the old insulation has to come out before the new goes in, or you need to remix scrubbed or recycled material into the blend, our Vac-Matic™ line has you covered. 

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Fabricate fiberglass duct systems quickly, safely, and economically with trusted Glass Master equipment.

Stainless steel, 250-gallon water supply systems deliver year ’round. Plus, they’re heated and insulated for colder climates.  

Meet the demanding requirements of professional fireproofing with a smooth, consistent application of sprayable materials. 

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Measure the thickness, resilience, and firmness of compressible and deformable materials with ease and accuracy.

Discover the options available to help you maximize worksite efficiency from setup to cleanup.  

We design and build our machines to last. That’s why we back them with world-class technical support, readily available replacement parts, and people who are driven to help keep you up and running. 

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How to Order 

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