CertainTeed Document Selector

1 1/2" Drywall Suspension System

1/2" (12.7mm) Abuse Resistant Type C Drywall

2-Rail Post & Rail (Smooth Finish)

2-Rail Post & Rail with CertaGrain® Texture

3-Rail Post & Rail (Smooth Finish)

3-Rail Post & Rail with CertaGrain® Texture

4-Rail Post & Rail (Smooth Finish)

4-Rail Post & Rail with CertaGrain® Texture

AirRenew® Essential Drywall

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AirRenew® M2Tech® Indoor Air Quality Drywall

All Weather/Empire® Base Sheet

All-Purpose 48 Lb. Box

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All-Purpose 62 Lb.Pail

Product Overview

Apollo® II

Product Overview

Apollo® Tile II

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Aristocrat II arbour

Product Overview

Ashland® Gate

Baron Select Cedar

Baron Smooth

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Baroque™ Customline®

BASE 31™

Beaumont arbour

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Best Mud in the Joint® Lite All-Purpose Joint Compound

Breezewood Select Cedar

Brookhaven with Lattice Accent


Product Overview

Brookline With CertaGrain® Texture

Cape Cod

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Cape Cod Concave

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Cashmere® Customline®

Cashmere® High NRC

Cashmere® Style Edge

Certa-Snap® Wrap Post Wrap System

CertainTeed Decorative Moulding

CertainTeed® Intake Vent

CertainTeed® Ridge Vent - 12" Unfiltered

CertainTeed® Ridge Vent - 7" Filtered

CertainTeed® Ridge Vent - 7" Filtered - Class A Fire Rated

CertainTeed® Ridge Vent - 9" Filtered - Class A Fire Rated

CertainTeed® Rolled Ridge Vent - Unfiltered

CertainTeed® Static Vent - Aluminum

Chesterfield Concave Gate

Chesterfield Concave Gate with CertaGrain® Texture

Chesterfield Convex Gates

Chesterfield Gate with CertaGrain® Texture

Chesterfield S-Curve

Chesterfield Smooth

Chesterfield Straight Gates

Chesterfield Swoop

Chesterfield with CertaGrain® Texture

Chesterfield with CertaGrain® Texture - Concave

Chesterfield with CertaGrain® Texture - Convex

Chesterfield with CertaGrain® Texture - S Curve

Chesterfield with CertaGrain® Texture - Swoop

Chesterfield with CertaGrain® Texture and Victorian Accent

Chesterfield with CertaStucco™ Texture

Chesterfield with Huntington Accent

Chesterfield with Lattice Accent

Chesterfield with Victorian Accent

Chesterfield with Westminster Accent

Coarse-Tex Spray Texture 15 kg Bag


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Columbia with Lattice Accent

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Danbury Concave

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Danbury Concave Select Cedar

Danbury Select Cedar Texture

Decorative and Solar Post Caps

Decorative and Solar Post Caps

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Decorative PVC Post Caps

Product Overview

Diamondback® Tile Backer

Directional Fissured

Dust Away™ Renovation Mud™ Joint Compound

Easi-Fil® All Purpose Pails

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Easi-Fil® Dust Away® Joint Compound

Easi-Fil® Heavy Repair 90

Product Overview

Easi-Fil® Light Repair

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Easi-Lite® 30-Minute Lightweight Drywall

Easi-Lite® Lightweight Interior Ceiling Drywall

Ecostone® Gate


EverNew Aluminum Handrail System

Product Overview

EverNew® Gate Kits

Exterior Soffit Board

Extreme Abuse Resistant Drywall with M2Tech®

Extreme Impact Resistant Drywall with M2Tech®

Extreme Texture Coat / Acrylic Texture with M2Tech®

FibaFuse® Paperless Drywall Tape

Fine Fissured

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Fine Fissured Customline®


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Flexiglas® Base

FlintEDGE® Conductor Heads

FlintEDGE® Downspout

FlintEDGE® Drain Through Gravel Stop

FlintEDGE® Expansion Joint

FlintEDGE® Fascia ET

FlintEDGE® Fascia GG

FlintEDGE® Fascia GS

FlintEDGE® Reglet & Flashing

FlintEDGE® Scuppers

FlintFast® FM-290 Base Sheet Fastener

FlintFast® FM-75 Base Sheet Fastener

FlintFast® FM-90 Base Sheet Fastener

FlintFast® Twin Loc-Nail Base Sheet Fastener

Flintglas® MS Cap

Flintglas® MS Cap CoolStar®

Flintglas® Ply 4

Flintglas® Premium Ply 6

Flintlastic® APP Base T

Flintlastic® Base 20

Flintlastic® Base 20 T

Flintlastic® FR Cap 30

Flintlastic® FR Cap 30 CoolStar®

Flintlastic® FR Cap 30 T

Flintlastic® FR Cap 30 T CoolStar®

Flintlastic® FR-P

Flintlastic® FR-P CoolStar®

Flintlastic® GMS CoolStar®

Flintlastic® GTA

Flintlastic® GTA CoolStar®

Flintlastic® GTA-FR

Flintlastic® GTA-FR CoolStar®

Flintlastic® GTS-FR

Flintlastic® GTS-FR CoolStar®

Flintlastic® Poly SMS Base Sheet

Flintlastic® Premium FR-P

Flintlastic® Premium FR-P CoolStar®

Flintlastic® STA

Flintlastic® STA Plus

Flintlastic® Ultra Poly SMS Base Sheet

Focus™ B, F, SQ

Focus™ Dg

Product Overview

Focus™ Ds

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Galveston with CertaGrain® Texture

Galveston with Lattice Accent

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Glasbase™ Base Sheet

GlasRoc® Sheathing

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Green Glue Noiseproofing Clips

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Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound

Product Overview

Green Glue Noiseproofing Joist Tape

Product Overview

Green Glue Noiseproofing Sealant

Product Overview

Heavy Taping Joint Compound

High Density Setting Compounds

High Hiding Texture 15 kg Bag

High-Performance Starter

Hyde Park with H-Post

Imperial Select Cedar

Imperial Smooth

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Interior Ceiling Drywall

Kingston Vinyl Railing System

Level V Wall and Ceiling Primer / Surfacer with M2Tech®


Lite All-Purpose 18L Pail

Lite All-Purpose Box

Lite All-Purpose Pail

Lite Finishing 18L Pail

Lite Finishing Box

Lite Sand Plus Setting Compounds – 18 lb bags

Product Overview

Lite Taping 18L Pail

Lite Taping 3.5 Gal. Box

Product Overview

Lite Taping Box

Lite Topping 3.5 Gal. Box


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M2Tech® 90 Moisture and mould Resistant Setting Compound


Product Overview

Manchester Classic Impressions Posts

Product Overview

Manchester Concave

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Marco® Flex Corner Tape

Marco® Spark-Perf® 94# Heavy Weight Paper Tape

Marco® Spark-Perf® Paper Tape

Matterhorn® Metal Roofing - Shake

Matterhorn® Metal Roofing - Slate

Matterhorn® Metal Roofing - Tile

Medium-Tex Spray Texture 15 kg Bag


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Millennium One Step™ Foamable Adhesive

mould Resistant 3.5 Gal Lite Ready-Mixed Joint Compound

mould Resistant Lite Ready-Mixed Joint Compound

New Lexington S Curve Transition Panel

New Lexington Swoop Transition Panel

New Lexington with Lattice Accent

New Lexington with Victorian Accent

NorthGate® Accessory

NorthGate® Ridge

Nylon Gate Hardware

ONE All-Purpose 17L Carton

ONE Multi-Purpose 3.5 Gal. Carton

Open Plan™

Oxford Vinyl Railing - Bracketed System

Oxford Vinyl Railing - Routed System

Oxford Vinyl Railing with Glass Balusters System

Panorama® Composite Railing System

Plaster of Paris


Presidential® Starter


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Quick Prep Plus Interior Prep Coat

Reinforced LITE Spray Texture 17 L Carton

Restoration Millwork® WP4/Nickel Gap

Roofers’ Select®


Product Overview

Rothbury Concave

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Sand Micro™

Sand Micro™ Customline®

Satin Coat Dry Compound

School Board®

Shadow Ridge®

Shangle Ridge®


SimTek® Caps

Product Overview

SmartFit Yoke

SmartFlash® EP Primer

SmartFlash® Fleece

SmartFlash® R Primer

SmartFlash® Resin

Solaris® Accessory

Solaris® Hip & Ridge

Solstice® Solar Systems

Spanish-Tex Spray Texture 10 kg Bag

Spray-Lite Ready-mix Texture 17L Box

Stainless Steel Gate Hardware

Structural Colonial Porch Post - 4" x 4" x 108" System

Structural Colonial Porch Post - 5" x 5" x 108" System

Structural Non-Tapered Round Column

Structural Square Column

Structural Square Porch Post System

Structural Tapered Round Column

Theatre Black f

Topping 48 Lb. Box

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TrueComfort® Blown-in fibre Glass Insulation - Canada

UnderShield® Water Diversion System

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Product Overview

vapour Prime vapour Retarder Coating

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Veneer Plaster Base Drywall



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Vineyard Pergola

Product Overview

Vinyl Deck

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VinylShield™ A, C

Yosemite® Venting Base Sheet